Aspen Petrol Info

Alkylate petrol - for your health, engine and our environment.

Aspen has been developed primarily for better health and environment, in collaboration with professional users.

It is free from aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene and toluene, as well as sulphur and olefines, minimising the health risks associated with exposure to petrol and exhaust fumes. It is an alternative to regular or unleaded commercial petrol.

Aspen 2t is a ready-mixed special petrol for two stroke engines, e.g. chainsaws, brushcutters, hedgetrimmers, mopeds, lawnmowers and other air-cooled two stroke engines. Aspen 2t provides the machine with higher performance and a longer life. The purer petrol gives a cleaner engine with fewer deposits. It can be stored for an extended period without quality being affected.

Alkylate petrol is a cleaner petrol.

Normal petrol is produced by refining crude oil, with different fractions being treated in different ways and then mixed together. In other words, petrol is not a unitary substance but rather a mixture of many.

Normal commercial petrol purchased at petrol stations comprises hundreds of different substances, all with different properties as regards to performance, to the damage they can cause to health and to their environmental impact. Many of the components are extremely dangerous to our environment and us.

Alkylate is produced synthetically from the pure gases that are obtained when refining crude oil. The result is a very pure petrol comprising only some ten substances and is free of hazardous components such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur and cracked components.

If you want your chainsaw to start easily after summer storage, this is the right choice. Normal commercial petrol often breaks down if it is stored in cans or petrol tanks, resulting in starting and operating difficulties. Aspen petrol retains its quality over many months.

The polyethylene plastic of the cans has been selected with consideration for the environment and can be recycled both as regards materials and energy. During incineration, the only substances formed are carbon dioxide and water.

We cannot post this item and can only sell it to personal callers to the shop.