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Jet Head

Jet Head

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Fed up with auto feed strimmer heads jamming, sticking chord, broken chord and chord shooting out when you don't want it to?

Try the Jet Head.

This head is very simple and very reliable. You cut your chord to the exact length you require (too short it will overspeed, too long and it will run too slow and labour, and the chord will lash about and break early). the jet will take 2 or 4 chords depending whether you use the single or double decker head. Any shaped chord will fit, from 2mm to 4mm. The head is initially supplied with lengths of 'nylsaw' chord, a square chord with a serrated edge.

This edge can be orientated to the front. The edged 'nylsaw' cuts the grass rather than smashing it down. Cut grass greens up much quicker than strimmed grass. If you like this chord (and most people do) the other available specialist chord is called 'flexiblade'.

This is like 'nylsaw' only harder with a reinforced hardened cutting edge. This we sell in reels which you can cut to your exact length, although you'll need wire cutters to cut it. It is very strong, very durable and very efficient.

The jet head is a universal fit providing you have the blade fixing nut which is normally provided with the machine, and your gear head base has a raised base (flange) of either 20mm or 1".

If you are unsure whether the jet head will fit your machine, or my explanation of the head is not clear, please feel free to give me a ring.

The major advantages and 'pros' to this head are:-
1. No ferules that heat the chord up when it's too long
2. Simple, reliable spring and wedge chord locking system
3. The ability to control the exact length of chord used (the knife blade on your guard usually cuts your chord far too long)
4. Plastic base bumper to keep the chord high on the grass (you should never strim too low)
5. Universal fit, metal head
6. Will accommodate any shape or size of chord to a minimum of 2mm
7. The only head you can use 'flexiblade' with

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