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Peter's opinion - Why Husqvarna?

In my job I get to see almost all makes of saws (in our workshops we service and repair any make of chainsaw) and 90% of them come in broken. Abuse, poor quality, and bad design are the main reasons for failure.

Even a "I've had this saw for years and it's never let me down once" machine may be noisy, dangerous and vibrating like crazy and were made obsolete years ago, and lack of spares can turn them into 'scrappers'.

Husqvarna machines have a lot of common spares. As machines are upgraded many new spares will fit older machines. Rather than 'drop' a machine and introduce a new one, Husqvarna tend to upgrade existing popular models.

Husqvarna machines are the lowest vibration machines out there, this includes chainsaws, clearing saws, and power cutters. 'Vibration white finger' is a debilitating condition. Husqvarna machines are your safest option.

With most machines, if you do 'what it says on the packet' everything will be OK. In the real world machines take a lot of abuse from 'well meaning' or 'indifferent' amateurs. We find that Huskys tend to 'bounce' better that most. If they do need repairing we find them the most cost effective of machines. Other machines tend to be 'not worth it' as they sometimes seem to have an almost designed shorter life and good money could be thrown after bad.

Specific machines

Husqvarna 236 chainsaw
The Husqvarna 137e was a big seller, because it's a Husky (see what the professionals use) and because of the price. This is the latest model and supersedes the 137e and the 235. If you were considering a 'supermarket saw' the 236 comes out at about the same price. We offer quality, back up and enough information and advice to make you go dizzy. Once you've experienced Husqvarna quality you will almost certainly purchase more of their products.

Features of this saw include:-

air injection
gear driven chain oil pump
split body (separate fuel tank)
X-TORQ engine NEW
Combined Choke/Stop Control
Low Vib Anti vibration system (SPRINGS - NOT RUBBER)
inertial chain brake
34.4cc (1.3kw 1.7hp)

Husqvarna 450e chainsaw
The Husqvarna 450E has taken over from the 350 which had the same engine as the 351, and with the exception of the crank case construction and a few minor differences it's virtually the same machine. We recommend this machine to ambitious firewood cutters and farmers. Whatever the job you come across the 450e has the power (there ain't no substitute for cc's) and the bar length (usually 18") to cope.

Features of this saw include:-
pixel chain
air injection
gear driven chain oil pump
split body (separate fuel tank)
inertial chain brake
'pro' engine
'vib' isolator carb
easy action chain brake
single action start lever
(+ extra grunt)

Pixel chain is standard for all medium and small saws. This is a narrow chain, but with 'pro' pitch .325 chain. This means a much thinner cut that most other saws. Less material removed = faster cutting and higher performance.

Air Injection is a ducting system that pulls only clean air from the flywheel fan = very infrequent air filter cleaning.

Gear Driven Chain Oil Pump - chain oil is quite viscous, mechanical feed ensures a positive delivery.

Split Body - a lower vibrating mass and cool fuel.

Inertial Chain Brake - if the saw accelerates hard (jumps) due to 'kick back' or 'push back' the brake will operate due to the back of your left hand hitting it. Also, the 'shock' will operate it (even if your hand is nowhere near it). No brake is guaranteed to work, but the Husqvarna brakes are the most effective I've come across.

E-Tech Engines = lower emissions, lower fuel consumption, higher power output (this is the future for 2 strokes).

Most engines between 25cc - 35cc and some saws have this feature. Compared to standard engines they have 40% lower emissions of CO2 and NOx than the worlds strictest standards require (the California emission control laws). 50% less smoke and particulates, 30% better fuel consumption, 40% more power. All e-tech have their own unique catalytic converter and all these features come at no extra cost to the machine.

The Husqvarna 327RJx loop handled Brush Cutter - BEST BUY - 25cc e-tech engine.

Features and benefits of this brush cutter include:-
Straight hollow drive shaft
Gear box head (will take chord heads, swing blades and most accessories)
Very light machine (much lighter than previous models)
Air purge primer (rapid start)
Higher revving engine (more efficient)
Lower vib 'R' hand grip.
Comes with a loop harness, chord head and grass blade.
'E' start

I could 'rattle' on a lot more about these machines, but if you ring me up I promise to 'rattle' on a bit more.

Well, that's all for now. I'll update this page frequently, so please call back again and see what else I think!!! If there is anything you would like me to write about on this page, please e-mail and let me know. Don't forget, any queries at all you are more than welcome to telephone me on 01704 896246.