Peter's Power Tune Plan

Most 2 stroke garden equipment engines work in any position. A conventional bowl type carb (fitted on mower engines) would not function in anything but a level position. Small 2 strokes use an all position semi-sealed carburettor. Fuel flow is controlled by diaphragm, spring and needle system. The diaphragm function is affected by atmospheric pressure. A machine run at sea level, then at altitude, would run differently. When running machines we very rarely find 2 machines to be in exactly the same state of tune.

No machine has ever left our shop without being run to full temperature and tuned to our satisfaction, so we know all our machines are running at their most powerful and best.

As the world has pushed for lower emissions on all internal combustion engines, this has affected small 2 stroke engines. With 'E tech' (read), 'X-TORQ ' (read) and catalytic converters, emissions have been reduced considerable.

But if you lean the fuel air mixture you'll certainly reduce emissions further, but you'll also lose power and increase engine temperature.

Almost all machines out of the box will run. The factory jet settings are OK. But Husky carbs can be adjusted with special tools by the servicing dealer, so if required they can be.

Occasionally an out of the box machine hits all the right numbers, but this is rare.

I only send out machines that hit my numbers.