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If you enquire about a product that we do not have on the website, but can get for you, we may direct you to this page to pay for the items. You should not use this page unless you have been directed to do so by one of our staff, or by email.

If you need any help completing this page, please call 01704 896246.

Be sure to enter the price in pounds only.
e.g. If the item is £30, then simply enter 30 without any decimal points.

In the details section please put details of what you wish to purchase.

Note: Special order products are only sold in whole pound amounts. Our standard Terms & Conditions apply.

How does this work?
When you enter a price, you are effectively adding several £1 products, e.g. if you enter a price of 10, your cart will show 10 products at £1 each - a total value of £10.


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Husqvarna Chainsaws  |  Special Order