Why Buy From Us?

Why you should buy from us

If you were to look for a chainsaw through the Yellow Pages you would most likely look through the Lawn Mowers and Garden Machinery sections.

You would most likely find a saw, but it would be sold by someone whose prime business would be lawn mowers and ride on tractors. They would usually consider chain saws and brushcutters as a little extra add on to complete their garden machinery range. The models and makes are probably not that important, as long as they are pretty and profitable. They may be fine dealing with 4-stroke machinery, but 2-stroke machinery, especially chain saws, requires specialist knowledge to get the best out of them.

One other main outlet for chainsaws, brushcutters and hedge trimmers would be your local DIY supermarket. You'll have seen them piled up in boxes alongside other garden tools. They will have been sourced from whichever part of the world can produce the cheapest machines at the moment. There will of course be a full spares back up and an army of highly trained chain saw specialists on hand to answer your every question (or maybe you'll just have to take the box home and hope for the best).

Every day, either through e-mail, telephone or in the shop, we are dealing with people who are having problems with machinery they have bought elsewhere. Usually it is because they can't obtain even the most basic parts from the place of purchase. Guide bars and chains are being destroyed through operator ignorance, and then there's the 'cheap and cheerful' machines, causing everyone 'expense and misery' (mainly me !!).

We do sell garden machinery, but only 2-stroke machinery, consisting of chainsaws, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, blowers and petrol cut off saws.

We do also sell lawn mowers and lawn tractors, again only Husqvarna ones.

As we do a lot of mail order and internet sales, it's vital that our machines are of the highest quality and reliability, with long term spares back up.

I've worked on and pulled apart most 2 stroke garden machinery. If I were to put my reputation behind a machine it would need to be of the highest quality. There are a handful of machines out there of equal quality, but only a couple having the design, function and innovation I personally would consider for sale.

When people enquire about chainsaws, brushcutters etc., we always ask what you need the machine for, now and in the future, as most times a saw is a one off purchase (we are still servicing and repairing 20 year old Husqvarnas). At the time of purchase the cost may seem important, six months down the road you've forgotten the price and all you're left with is the machine. I do hope you listened to my advice, (and got the right machine adequate for all your needs.)

Because of my intimate knowledge of our machines, I'm aware of many features you would not read about in the manufacturers glossy brochures.

Talk to me and I can give you my unofficial views, to help you make the correct choice.
Making that initial sale is very nice, and it would be more profitable if we were to sell one of many spurious brands. This is not our aim. If you are more than satisfied with your purchase and our service we hope you would feel confident to deal with us again. This is our aim. This can only be made possible by you getting the right advice, the right machine and the right backup. We always hope to achieve these three objectives.

Although I'm the boss, and should be more involved in sales and administration (which isn't my forte), my real interest (and hopefully talent) is in understanding the engineering and functionality of machines. I do not like poorly manufactured or designed machines, I consider them a waste of time and resources.

What would really spoil my day (as I'm a sensitive soul and very easily upset) would be an irate customer bawling down the phone about an unreliable machine I'd sold them (with me telling them at the time of sale that it was the best thing since sliced bread). To avoid this unpleasant situation, if I were to sell the most reliable, durable, efficient and safe machines, this would make my life a lot easier. Husqvarna machines get me closer to this ideal than any other.

Regulations exist for the comfort and safety of yourselves and the environment. All machines must have an effective anti vibration (A/V) system (vibration white finger being an industrial disease). All Husqvarna saws have the latest spring mounted A/V system, making them the lowest vibrating machine that exist today.

The next big thing on the horizon for small 2 strokes are exhaust emission regulations. They already exist in the U.S.A. and I'm sure will be here soon (read my article on 'E' tech). I mention this because all carburettors should be checked and if required tuned to suit the individual machine. Therefore obtaining peak performance, as no two machines are exactly alike, factory settings always need a 'tweak'. All Husqvarna 'carbs' can be adjusted. Some other makes have 'factory' set carbs, with no adjustment screws at all. They may work properly or not (it sounds like a numbers game to me).

Remember we run, tune and check every system on every individual machine we sell. (See Peter's Power Tune Plan. This takes time, and as we won't compromise on our pre delivery checks, we sometimes ask you to wait 2 days for your machine, although we will still do our best to do our usual next day delivery.

All necessary instructions are supplied with the machine. Although this is sufficient, we actively encourage customers to ring at any time with any queries, rather than guess at a problem I will always be happy to talk you through it. Even it it's about another make of machine or a related topic, I will be pleased to give you my views.