Why Buy Husqvarna?

Most people who use a Husqvarna saw for the first time are surprised by what a comfortable experience it is, and how good it feels to use. This is because Husqvarna starts out by using the experiences of the users to add to their own knowledge, so they continually develop new, facilitating solutions that help the saws function optimally and with the least possible effort.

High performance and low weight.
Many of the Husqvarna saws have the highest power to weight ratio on the market, a priceless quality in a handheld tool, that saves your back, shoulders and arms.

Well-developed ergonomics and labour-saving technology.
A slim, well-balanced saw body with a high centre of gravity and smooth underside helps save your energy and facilitate the handling of the saw, even in tight areas. Your hands benefit from efficiently reduced vibrations and ergonomic handles and comfortable, work-friendly grips.
Husqvarna have developed labour-saving solutions such as Smart Start which makes starts easier and Air Injection which reduces unnecessary interruptions for filter cleaning.

Easy adjustment and service.
Snap-lock filter covers make it easy to access and clean the spark plug and air filter, on the job. In addition, several models are equipped with side-mounted chain tensioners and easy-access oil pump controls. In addition, several of the new saws feature a transparent fuel tank that shows when it's time to fill up; tool less chain adjustment; full spring suspension and 'X' Torq engines.

The largest internal combustion engines in the world is a '2 stroke'.

The container ship that brought your Husqvarna machine to you was almost certainly powered by a 2 stroke engine.

Why Husqvarna only?
We only sell one make of machine - Husqvarna.
We certainly service and repair many makes of machines and have an extensive knowledge of all.

We carry spares for most popular machines, including an extensive stock range for a popular 'German' saw……….

Although not official dealers in this brand, because of our reputation we probably do more repairs on these machines than all the official dealers in the area.

Selling only one make of machine is very unusual in our trade.

It may seem we are 'tied' or only loyal to Husqvarna - my loyalty lies only with most advanced and innovative engineering.

When 'Acme' chain saws build a better machine, I'll sell theirs, but until then I'll sell 'Huskys'.

Every day now we get customers with 'supermarket saws' of an increasing variety of names looking for spares and repairs.

They're cheap (about £100), unreliable, spares are usually unavailable, repairs take longer. More expensive than quality machines. You can't make a bad machine good.

By the time you've had enough of chasing spares for unreliable machines, you'll decide to research a replacement machine. This time not just a cheap machine in a box. The machines that most professionals use are either (the German machine) or the Swedish machine (Husky).

Remember you're not buying just another outdoor power tool. You're buying a specialist cutting tool that requires specialist information and aftersales.

Online sales policy from Husqvarna Outdoor Products

It is a now a requirement of Husqvarna Outdoor Products that products sold online be fully assembled, pre-delivery inspected and all safety functions tested prior to being handed over to customers.

Products may only be handed over in a ready to use condition, with all relevant documentation and any tools or accessories that should be supplied included. (The only exception to this is when our customer is an experienced user of the relevant product, and can fit the bar and chain themselves.)

However, we at Chainsaw Specialists have always ensured that all machines we sell have more than just the basic pre-delivery inspection etc. done prior to handing the machine over to our customers, (read about 'Peter's Power Tune Plan' to see what we mean, the link is in right hand menu).